Do  you suffer from:


  • The uncertainty of your purpose?

  • Unclear goals and aspirations? 

  • Difficulty finding a job?

  • Inability to advance in your career?

  • Lack of motivation or follow through?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above. We need to talk :) As a success coach I wear multiple hats. I'm a motivator, accountability partner and administrator. I help you unlock your hidden potential, discover your best self, and transform your life. I do this by working with you to create strategies that achieve what you define as success. Have I piqued your interest yet? I hope so.  




Or maybe you have a bad case of EVERYTHINGitis??? You're probably wondering what in the world is EVERYTHINGitis. Well, EVERYTHINGitis is when an individual does practically everything themselves for their business or organization, even if they don’t have the experience, expertise, time and or systems???  VeeJayNicole Consulting is ready to help you identify the problem(s), create the solution(s), and optimize your business or organization so you can focus on your goals and mission. 





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Success Coaching

“Just wanted to stop by and thank  VeeJayNicole Consulting. I was going through some issues with my student loans and was stuck for the last year paying an unreasonable monthly amount.  I spoke with her regarding this situation to vent more than anything and my sister-friend put on her consulting cap and really helped me out. I am now in a lower payment and was able to also get into a new vehicle which I desperately needed, and all because of her help. Thank you Thank you! She not only helps you find jobs, build resumes and cover letters but she shows you different options and ways to budget that you may not have considered or thought was accessible to you. Her services are well worth more than she charges!” 

—  TouKisha, Michigan

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