Meet VerniqueNicole

Hi!  My name is Vernique N Jackson and I am a Success Coach and CEO of VeeJayNicole Consulting Group LLC.



I help individuals, business owners, non-profit and faith-based organizations discover their purpose, develop their gifts and deliver their talents and services to the world. 



What started out as just a hobby because I was good at writing resumes, helping people get jobs or promotions through mock interviewing. Turned into a passion project that is changing lives one client at a time. 



VeeJayNicole Consulting Group LLC is more than just a success coaching and business consulting firm but a company that firmly believes in adding value to the lives of those we come in contact with.


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Who are we?

We are a multifaceted company that offers professional and technical writing, business consultation and coaching services to individuals, business owners, and non-profit and faith-based organizations.


What do we do?

We continually discover, develop and deliver innovative products and services to help clients succeed while identifying and overcoming barriers that impede our client's success.


How do we do it?

We deeply engage with clients to gain clarity, unlock and maximize hidden potential and  build a strong foundation 

which empowers our clients to succeed.


Why do we do it?

VeeJayNicole Consulting Group is a purpose-driven business. Our purpose is to help you fulfill your purpose.