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 Have you been applying for job after job with no luck. Or going on interview after interview but still not landing the job. Maybe its time you updated your resume or improved your interviewing skills.  


Hey You! Yes, You! Have you been dreaming of starting a new business or non-profit organization ? Do you need help filling out your articles of incorporation or tax-exempt 501(c)(3) paperwork?? 


Are you a budding entrepreneur, own your own business or climbing the Corporate ladder?

We invite you to join our private Facebook Community. Where you will hear authentic stories about how hard and yet fabulous it is trying to climb to the top. 

Reviews & testimonials


Success Coaching

“Just wanted to stop by and thank  VeeJayNicole Consulting. I was going through some issues with my student loans and was stuck for the last year paying an unreasonable monthly amount.  I spoke with her regarding this situation to vent more than anything and my sister-friend put on her consulting cap and really helped me out. I am now in a lower payment and was able to also get into a new vehicle which I desperately needed, and all because of her help. Thank you Thank you! She not only helps you find jobs, build resumes and cover letters but she shows you different options and ways to budget that you may not have considered or thought was accessible to you. Her services are well worth more than she charges!” 

—  TouKisha Foster